There are some things that I truly understand about myself. I am not a morning person. I love strawberry cheesequake blizzards. I am constantly trying to think of something new to create and get frustrated when I can’t do it all. I love when curtains blow because of a strong wind. I adore my children more than life itself, they are truly my inspirations for everything I do. I try to capture every moment of their precious lives with my camera.

When I am looking through my camera I try to capture moments that would normally pass you by. That sweet kiss, the simple gaze, that tender moment, the look of utter happiness, and innocent smiles. When I am talking to you I am probably looking at your eyes to see where the best catch lights are.

During our session you can expect a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I want you to be totally comfortable and at ease during the time we are together. I like to get to know you and your little one(s), and I take both candid and portrait type photographs. Some of the best shots are the ones we least expect! The goal is to have fun and to be able to freeze those moments in our lives that are important. To look back and remember how tiny your new babies hands were, or how blonde your little boy was, or those cute dimples on your precious daughter’s cheeks.

I reside in North Attleboro, MA with my two beautiful children and my lovely husband. They are truly my biggest cheerleaders! I hope to hear from you soon, so I can capture your memories!